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Automotive Technology

This guide will help with understanding the basics of Automotive Technology, maintenance, and repair.

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Automotive Technology

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AMT 172 - HEV II Hybrid and Electric Vehicle: Preventative Maintenance and Repair 

This course is designed to familiarize the student with hybrid and electric vehicle safety, hybrid internal combustion engines (ICE), regenerative braking systems, high voltage climate control system, power inverter and battery pack cooling systems, high voltage analysis tools used, high voltage safety systems, and 12 volt systems used in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Diesel Chassis/Suspension/Steering 

skills common course
This course covers the identification, inspection techniques, repair and adjustment procedures, and alignment checks of the components associated with the variety of frames and suspensions common to heavy trucks.

Auto Heating and Air Conditioning Lab and Theory 

This course covers heating and A/C service and maintenance. The student will perform troubleshooting techniques on heating and A/C systems including automatic temperature control systems.

Automotive Electrical Systems: Ohm's Law 

Learners examine the relationship of voltage, current, and resistance as it applies to vehicle electrical systems.


Learn how cars work from the Autoshop 101 course

Diesel Preventative Maintenance 

This course covers the importance of proper procedures of preventative maintenance and inspection schedules used for various types of heavy trucks and their applications. Students learn to perform inspections according to the standards of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Introduction to Diesel Technology 

This course is designed as a prerequisite for all technical diesel courses. It covers the basics of the diesel industry. It also addresses employer expectations as well as common working conditions.

Diesel Schematic Interpretation/Electronic Manuals 

This course addresses the description, operation, diagnosis, and service procedures related to all systems by interpreting schematic drawings used in the service industry. Major vehicle systems will be covered including, but not limited to electrical, air, hydraulic, fuel, cooling, and diagnostics.

Center for Advanced Automotive Technology (Macomb Community College)

Hosts a wide variety of educational materials from classroom activities, curriculum, homework, labs, lesson plans, presentations, reports, and studies to complete modules and courses offered at community colleges and universities.

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Automotive Repair and Maintenance skills commons 

list of courses and materials

Electric Cars: Introduction

Open Textbook

Automotive Textbook

A free peer-reviewed automotive technology textbook

The Crawfords Auto Repair Guide to Beginners Auto Maintenance & Repair

By Jeff Crawford, Crawfords Auto Repair